Dream 12/20/17

I am walking home late at night in a city that is similar to Philadelphia. I stop at a convenience store to buy some snacks for when I get home. While picking out my snacks, a robber comes rushing in and holds the clerk up at gunpoint. I don’t do anything to help as I hide in the back of the store. I end up deciding to just go home and not get anything after the robbery ends.

As I continue home, two girls ahead of me begin giggling loudly. One of them quickly turns around and points a gun in my direction and fires bullet. I dodge the bullet by diving to my left. The bullet ends up hitting someone who was walking behind me. Instead of running away, I decide to linger around to see what’s happening. I don’t know these girls so maybe they were aiming for the person behind me the whole time. I hide behind a tree nearby but one of the girls notices me, walks over, and shoots me right below my rib cage in my stomach. I blackout.

I feel no pain when I come to but I do feel an incredible stiffness from where I was shot. I’m lying on the ground by the tree where I was hiding. I locate the bullet right below my left lung and proceed to remove the bullet from the wound. Dizzy from the loss of blood, I began to try to call for help on my phone. However, once I start to dial, the two girls return and take my phone from me. The girl that shot me keeps the gun aimed at my head. I still cannot recognize the girls.

I beg for her to spare me as she smiles at me with the gun still aimed at my head. She demands me to stop pleading and I do so. I then start crying. She then tells me that I am beginning to annoy her. I ask her why she shot me and her response was simply, “why not?”

She leans over me and places the gun on my right temple. She then tells me, “if you don’t move to this next shot then I’ll let you live.” I start crying harder as I tell her that I don’t believe her. A long moment passes and I wake up.

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