Dream 12/6/17

I am either walking or running in a natural setting that is similar to Iuka Park Ravine located in the main off campus neighborhood near The Ohio State University’s main campus. I feel completely at home and in my natural setting. After exploring some, the dream cuts to my father’s house. This version of my father’s house isn’t my father’s house that I am familiar with though. I don’t have a bedroom here but all of my stuff is piled up on the living room floor.

Extended family is over for dinner. I’m trying to dress correctly for the occasion but all I can find are graphic t-shirts with my political beliefs that are contradictory to my family’s political beliefs. I feel very uneasy.

I finally decide on an outfit and then make my way towards the kitchen to join the party and eat some food. There is no food out though. I open the fridge and also find no evidence of recently prepared food to eat. Discouraged, I begin to sift through containers of leftovers for something to consume but fail to find anything appealing. The setting then slowly morphs from a kitchen to a restaurant and I find myself sitting in a booth with my father and extended family. Conversation continues though I’m not sure what’s being discussed. My dad then turns to me and asks if we could could go to the park from before and go for a run together after dinner. I am torn because I want to go run with him but I already ran earlier that day and I haven’t recovered yet.

While trying to explain this to him, the restaurant shifts back into the park but it’s much later in the day and I am either walking or running again. I notice that my dad is not with me. As I reach a top of a cliff, the weight of the dark night intensifies and I realize that I need to get home. I ascend the mountain and then climb down on the other side of it. The other side was not nearly as high up as the other side made it out to be. The other side also exposed that the mountain wasn’t a natural formed mountain but more like a stage prop where the inner structure was a series two by fours supports. Next to the exposed supports was a road that led into a small neighbor hood of about eight to ten houses. Two other people accompany me at this point but I do not know who they are.

We walk down the road until we reach a house that I assume is my father’s new house and we enter it. I can’t make out the specifics of the people here but I do see my sisters Paige and Molly having a discussion as to why Paige and her last boyfriend broke up. The interior of the house never completely sets in which makes me to feel very disconnected in this environment so I decide to leave. On my way out, my stepmother confronts me and tells me something that I cannot understand. From what I can read of her body language, she is yelling at me and telling me negative things as if to verify that that setting was not suited for me. I don’t argue back as I keep walking out of the house. With nowhere to go, I notice that my cousin Kayla was living just down the street. As I walk by her house, she yells out and offers me a place to stay. As I enter her house, I wake up.

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