Dream 11/29/18

I’m in a classroom that resembles a room where they taught bible school at the old church my mom used to take me to. The class is an art class though. I am my current age and the other students here are also around my age. There are about ten or so of us. A lady begins to present her work both physically and via PowerPoint. I can’t make out or remember what her work looks like. Once her presentation concluded, the teacher, Chaz O’Neal (my former supervisor from when I worked at The Cox Fine Arts Center at The Ohio State Fair) begins to present his work as part of the topic of discussion for the day. Normally his work are these very mechanical and methodical landscape drawings and paintings but the work he is presenting is an installation. It’s around now that I notice how cold the classroom is. It’s cold enough to see my breath in front of me as I breathe out. Chaz then asks us what concept does the room’s coldness mean in relation to his work. After a couple moments of silence from the students, someone finally jumps up and says that it’s supposed to simulate what it feels like to be in a vacuum. Nodding yes, Chaz turns to the white board and writes “NO MAN IS AN ISLAND”. I roll my eyes at this as I begin to formulate a solid argument against this claim. Before I could though, I wake up.

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